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Electric Power Steering Not Working

My Wife has a 2006 Chevy Malibu Maxx Lt, we recently had a series of factory safety recalls performed. Now we have a message coming up saying “POWER STEERING” and the steering wheel is tight and kind of jerky. we didnt have this much trouble before we had the recalls done, can anyone tell me what is going on, cause im stumped

Take it back to the dealer is all. They had mega problems with the electric steering so you’ll just have to have them correct it again.


+1 to Bing’s post.
Don’t try to fix this yourself. Have the dealer do it.

How much profit for the manufacturer is in a new car’s price? Recalls totalling in the $billions have been reported in recent months. GM must tack the costs onto the price of future sales. When you look at a $35,000 window sticker maybe you should see how many $thousands you are paying for past mistakes.

@Rod Knox, In 2013 Ford made 4.9% profit (and that’s awful) after taxes on everything. They sold 147 Billion worth of product for the years and made $7.2 B.

GM sold $155 B in cars with a profit margin of 2.4% (even worse than Ford) after taxes for a profit of $3.8 B. They sold lots of cars but made lots of money.

The sad part is the profit margins, which are laughably low.

@Rod Knox, BTW, I think the cost to GM is higher for past mistakes like the Aztek, and the 4.1 Caddy V8 and Ford for the Tempo and Mid-gen (ovoid themed) Taurus. Once burned it is VERY hard to get the customer back into the showroom.

@knfenimore: that recall was one of the recalls performed on my Maxx, but the steering is sometimes worse than before, i men it just locks up, sometimes for a long drive.

The steering probably does not actually lock up but loses power assist which at the wrong time can be dangerous. I ask that you either try a different dealer or just bite the bullet and find a front end shop that can fix it. Continue to drive it like this and you may not be around long.

It’s not fixed. Return to the dealer and insist they fix it. There are 3 comonents that could be failing.

"Depending on the vehicle, GM will replace free of charge either the power steering motor, the steering column, the power steering motor control unit or a combination of the steering column and the power steering motor control unit. "

+1 for a return to the dealer. You should tell them it is not properly fixed and insist that they try again. The sooner you do it, the less of an argument they have that you did something to ruin the steering.