Another alternator burned out?



I have a '98 nissan maxima, with 108k miles on it. car runs fine, but almost every year, for the past 3 years i burn out an alternator. i have had some electrical work done (i think a ground wire from the alternator to the fuse box,) but still happening. has anyone else experienced this? i am about done with this car. after this repair, if it happens again, ill have to get rid of her.


You probably have a shorted circuit somewhere. Have your electrical system checked for a short/overload condition. An overload condition can be something as simple as a binding window regulator/motor or binding fan motor.


This is not normal of course. A Nissan alternator should be good for 120,000 miles or so at least. My wife’s 1994 is still on its original alternator.

Whoever replaced the alternator could have either installed it wrong (belt too tight), or there is something wrong with your charging system that did not get fixed. A complete electrical check is necessary if you replace any major component.

I would not condemn the car for this; the 98 Maxima is a fine car.

Take it to a good independent auto electric shop and have the electrical system thoroughly analyzed. However, if this is a car you bought used, and it may have been in a flood, get rid of it fast.


Your complaint is very common when using “rebuilt” parts…With alternators, re-builders seldom replace the electronic components as long as they pass a quick test…This means the diodes and regulator in your “rebuilt” unit may not be new…Quality rebuilt units usually have a lifetime warranty giving buyers some peace-of-mind…