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Main fuse blowing in Maxima

I recently was given a 97 Nissan Maxima. The car is in real good shape. The reason it was given to me was, the last owner put a new battery in and when he did he hooked the battery terminals backwards. The car will start but does not have the power that it should. And after a minute or so it will blow the main fuse to the car.I know that I have some kind of short but where I am thinking of starting with the alternator. Anymore ideas.


Give It To Somebody Else And Have It Become Their Worst Nightmare.

Minima might be better than Maxima.

It is quite possible that the alternator has blown diode(s). Reversing the battery terminals for just a second will take out diodes. Now you have a short between the alternator B+ terminal and ground.

Hopefully, this is the only solid state device damaged by the reversing of the leads because you are looking at the ECM, radio, amplifier, ABS module, enviornment control, etc. as possible needing replacement.

Good luck on this.

You have the right idea. Disconnect the wiring on the the alternator and try running the car. You need to find out wha else is wrong with it. Researcher already listed the possible problems. It could get very expensive.