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After Market Turn Signal

I need after mkt. turn signal for 79 el camiino, any one know how to obtain this item and the price???//

I’m sure you can find one if you Google it. There is an entire subculture of restoration fanatics who buy and sell these type of things among themselves. There are also manufacturers and rebuilders who specialize in restoration parts and assemblys. '79 El Caminos is a restorable category. There is an El Camino subculture.

Are you talking about repair parts, or some kind of separate whole system?

Try LMC. That’s Long Motor Company

I used to like the one that clamped onto the steering column, had two lights and was all chromed up.

Check out J.C. Whitney parts either the catalog or online. They specialize in aftermarket parts or at least they used to.


Why not just repair the original one?? The parts you need are common to MANY GM vehicles and are available…

I second what Caddyman says. I have had to put aftermarket turning signals on two cars that I have owned that didn’t come with turning signals as standard equipment. One car was a 1947 Pontiac and the other car was a 1948 Dodge. Your 1979 El Camino was required to have turning signals as original equipment. I would make the repairs to what is already there.

I’m afraid jesslalone has left the building…

thanks, i had the original signals fixed, 194$ , good deal

I live in rural Puebla, Mexico. People here at times drive old vehicles. A cousin has a 1976 Chevrolet pickup and there are mechanics nearby who can get any part for that thing, and easily. I would never have suspected that.

A few months ago, I went with him a few miles. His turn signal on that old pickup was broken. He stopped at a small parts place, which had the insides of the turn signal assembly on the steering wheel. Amazing. And, a mechanic worked putting it in while I took a nap on the passenger’s side of the cab. It also had the lens for the stop light on the back.

I assume they can get them because there is a market here, so they keep the supply lines open.