79 El Camino headlight/turn signal cover; help

trying to sell 79 El Camino but daughter hit something and broke the orange turn signal cover on the front right side. Cannot get inspection approval without the part. Any suggestions where to find the replacement. have checked one local auto junk yard and called several local places in the greensboro, north carolina area. thanks for any input.

There’s quite a few places selling these kind of parts. Here’s one- http://www.dixiemontecarlodepot.com/78-87elcamino_subSections/s18.html Click on Front End - Grilles, Header Panels, Nose Covers, Bumpers, Front Lamps and Related Hardware and then scroll down to the lamps and lenses.

If you’d like to comparison shop, just type 1979 el camino lens into a google search.

A good source of information is a site like this- http://www.chevelles.com/forums/