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Where can I find 1979 Toyota Pickup parts?

can you help me find a turnsignal hazard relay for a 1979 Toyota 20r longbed truck? Also the passenger side windshield wiper ARM

Looks like rockauto doesn’t have them. Have you tried the dealer? Have you posted this on an appropriate Toyota forum?

LMC Truck might have those parts. I have a 73 Ford truck and LMC has been a good source for me from time to time. They have a website catalog as I recall. For the relay, try taking the old one into an experienced auto-parts store. They may be able to identify a replacement for you. Auto recyclers that specialize in trucks are another possibility.

They only have Chevrolet , Ford and Dodge.

Here are listings for the flasher:

I have an '87 and AutoZone has had a carburetor rebuild kit, fuel pump, water pump, temperature sender gauge, and more in stock.

The windsheild wiper arm should be easy to find at a junkyard.

googling “classic Toyota truck parts” brings up quite a few links