El Camino


I have a V-6 4.3 fuel injected El Camino that I just recently had repainted. I need to have the interior

redone and probably a new engine. Does

anyone have information on any El Camino club in the Dallas-Ft. Worth

area that might be able to help, or

a suggestion on someone who likes to work on El Caminos and has a good record. I know little or nothing about cars, but I love and want to keep my El Camino. It is my understanding that molded parts for the interior such as the dashboard and

door panels are sometimes hard to come by. Thanks.


While I can’t help you as to the whereabouts of particular components or people, I just have to say, it’s too bad you repainted the vehicle before the rest was completed.

I guarantee the paint job will be damaged before you’re done, (regardless of how careful the workers are).


Go to http://www.Chevytalk.org/fusionbb for a ton of info on your vehicle and others.

You may find all or at least most components here. Register and have fun!


www.chevelles.com also has some good info and forums for the ElCo, they even have classified ads for parts. Most websites that have vintage Chevelle parts also sell ElCo parts. Not sure what year yours is, but I’m guessing an 80s model.
Places like www.opgi.com www.paddockparts.com (note they sell ElCo parts within the Chevelle/Monte Carlo section) www.yearone.com all have parts for most years


I appreciate the input. I guess I showed that I
was an amateur by painting the vehicle first. I
wondered whether there might be damage done to
the paint job, but that was after it was
completed. I still hope there are some “Camino
Brothers” out there that can help me find someone
in my area who for whatever reason likes to work
on El Caminos. Thanks.