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After market mufflers

Dodge tells me I cannot put after market muffe

Dodge lied to you. Get a direct-fit eftermarket replacement and your car will never know the difference.

My Dodge is a 2010 and dodge said it would affect the ECO,which is a gas saver device.

You have a 2010 model and need a muffler already?

I agree that it may take a year or two to get after market mufflers in the pipeline, but I think the dealer is handing you a load!

I agree. The cylinder deactivation feature has nothing to do with the muffler. There are new Ram’s running around here with straight pipes, you can tell when they are running on 4 cylinders pretty easily.

I’m curious, why would a 2010 need a new muffler?

Regardless, dealers will often tell people that they can use “only the manufacturer part” when in fact that’s false 99.997% of the time. The thing you always want is a “direct fit” replacement. You never want to butcher a system to use a generic part. Unless, of course, you know exactly what you’re doing and you’re modifying intentionally.

A 2010 doesn’t need a new muffler. I expect the OP wants to put on either a louder exhaust system, or a performance (less back pressure) exhaust system.

On re-reading the post, I believe you’re right. He had not said the year of the car originally, so my assumption was that he was replacing a muffler.