New exhaust system in my 2005 Mini Cooper

I just had the exhaust system replaced in my 2005 Mini Cooper (my mechanic said that there was a hole in the exhaust). He offered my two options - OEM replacement from the dealer, or a stainless steel aftermarket exhaust that wouldn’t rust. I told him to go with the stainless one.

What he didn’t tell me was that the new exhaust is really LOUD! It’s way, way louder than my old one - it’s so loud that it’s already giving me a headache. It sounds like there’s no muffler on there at all!

Of course, I picked up the car on Friday afternoon, so I can’t do anything about it over the weekend. I’m going to take it back to the shop and have them look at it. Assuming there’s nothing physically wrong with it, is there anything I can DO about it?

He probably installed one of those “PERFORMANCE” exhaust systems. If you want a quite exhaust, you need to have an aftermarket OEM type exhaust system installed.


That’s my problem - I just spent $1000 getting the exhaust replaced, I don’t want to spend another $1000 getting it replaced with an OEM exhaust system! If it was actually faulty, obviously I’d have grounds for complaint with the mechanic. But is performing DIFFERENTLY grounds for complaint? He never asked me if I wanted a super loud “performance” exhaust, and I don’t see how any “regular” person would expect that such a part would be acceptable (someone with a souped-up street rod might).

Mechanically speaking, would I have to replace the whole exhaust system, or can I get a “normal” muffler put on this “performance” exhaust?

You just have to complain - if you did not ask in any way for a performance system, you have grounds to demand replacement. One lever - see if it violates sound regs, tell them you can’t accept an illegal exhaust system. Complain, complain, complain - you’ll need to be the squeeky wheel. Threaten small claims court if it comes to that…good luck!