2003 Dodge Ram 1500 new muffler blew apart

Just had a new muffler put on going down the road about 55 heard loud noise look at it muffler blew apart.

Take it back to where you got it and see what they have to say about it.


It sounds like a backfire blew it out.

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Again, +1, but if an engine problem led to the destruction of the muffler, neither the muffler mfr nor the muffler shop will replace it without charge.

Please let us know what happened. What the muffler shop finds and if this was due to an engine malfunction.
Even with old carbureted cars when a backfire could be deliberately induce I have never seen or heard of a muffler blowing apart. Only rusting out at several years of use.

Had something similar happen on Dad’s 454 equipped Caprice when I was in high school. My car was down for repairs so I drove the then sidelined Caprice and did a few 100 foot one wheel peels in the high school parking lot. Exhaust note changed, and when I looked under the car, the mufflers had ballooned out. This is the first time I’ve mentioned it since, so don’t tell Dad!


Wouldt the cats deal with excessive gas in exhaust before it got to muff?
I’d like to see a list of age on all exhaust parts.

What was the motivation for a new muffler? If it’s b/c the old one blew off the tailpipe, you engine may required some tuning or repairs. Ray and Tom told their story several times show about how they’d drive through a tunnel, turn the key to off so raw fuel would run into the exhaust system, then back to on, which would cause a big backfire and give the other drivers in the tunnel pause … lol …

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I used to do that a lot, both in tunnels and out in the open. It was amazing how loud it was.
I never blew a muffler, but friends did in their cars.