Dual exhaust


Does anyone have any links or know of any places where I can order (online or by phone) a dual exhaust system for my 97 Ram? I would like it to sound a little more throaty and get some more performance out of it. I would (hopefully) like to find something that is going to cost under $250 but very little luck yet!


The performance increase, if any, from a dual exhaust conversion will be minimal. You can change the sound, and it might SEEM faster, but it won’t really be any faster.


ok. Any suggestions?


whats your price range?


by any chance is your truck red?


yeah actually it is red. Why do you ask?


I would like my price range to be under 300 if I could. But i havent had much luck. I did find one ad in a local paper that said I could get a full Flowmater dual exhaust kit for my truck for $189. Im gonna check it out. Does this sound reasonable?


Yeah I understand but anything is better than nothing. Not that I don’t have enough now :stuck_out_tongue:


Summit Racing has a few exhaust systems for your truck, a 97 Dodge 2500 IIRC. I’ve heard good things about Gibson, but it may be out of your price range. Summit also carry Dynomax, Flowmaster, and Summit brand exhaust systems.


If this link doesn’t work, try www.summitracing.com
Select Online Store and put in the make, model, year, etc for your truck. Then you can look at all the neat ways to lighten your wallet.

Ed B.

Be sure to put in your engine size and whether it’s 2wd or 4wd also.


great. Thanks Ed. I think I have found what I want. But I have a few questions about the product so Im going to post another bulletin.


my uncle has a 97 ram, red, whats your name?


if its power your looking for, then from what i understand, dodge rams get decent power gain from cold air intakes. a bit ricey yes, but still


well I can guarantee im not your uncle. Sorry lol.


Have you considered a set of glass packs/cherry bombs?

b scar uploaded this video to


Eldebrock might have a setup for you. They made a real nice one for the mid 80’s GM V6 engines.