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After market lights

I had my fog lights stolen and would like to know if I should replace with genuine acura parts or would “quality replacement parts” be acceptable. Please let me know what you think. I would also like to know what you think of the $44.00 per hour rate I was quoted for labor in New York City.

Aftermarket. What’s so special about the Acura lights???

Do you need fog lights in NYC, meaning, do you drive on foggy rural roads much? With what Acura parts will cost, i would go aftermarket if you are an urban driver.

I doubt if you will find after market fog lights to mount the same way of the OEM.

I would have to think 44.00 per hr is rather cheap for NYC

Direct fit aftermarket parts would be perfect. VIP can order them for you for much less than the dealer would charge.

$44/hr is cheap. For NYC it’s a downright gift.

It could be like the phone companies, 10 minutes 44 bucks, 61 minutes 88 bucks.

I think $44 per hour in New York City is amazingly cheap. Does this guy have a garage or does he work in an alley?

Use new aftermarket or used lamps from a salvage yard. Some salvage yards buy excess from manufactures so you might luck out and get some “factory take offs”.

$44 an hour is a deal if this is a legit shop. I have been to shops in wide places in the road that were getting $54.

Call 1-800-362-9451 / this is my best source for items like you need.

I would go with aftermarket fog lights. It should be easy to do - just use the wiring from the lights that were there. Just be sure to buy lights with plastic housings and glass lenses. The plastic housings will not rust from the salt on the roads and the glass lenses will not dull with age.