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Foggy headlights

The headlights on my car are very foggy. I’ve had them professionaly ‘cleaned’ twice, each lasting less one month. Where do I go to get replacements without paying dealer prices?

Aftermarket headlights should be available for this. Usually much less expensive than factory OE. Check yellow pages for automotive aftermarket parts.

Thank you

Where to get replacements? The same place to get everything, the INTERNET. Shop hundreds of auto parts suppliers from the comfort of your own home.

While you are at it, maybe you should write your congressmen and tell them you want the unfashionable, but far more practical sealed beams we once had. (BTW E-code Sealed beams have great light.

Or support your local businessman/auto parts store. They more than likely will be around tomorrow should you have a problem, and no shipping. Internet stores you never know about.

Someone like Jegs, Summit Racing or JC Whitney have been around awhile and will probably be for quite some time too. Any place that puts up their phone number and/or address should be fairly legit