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Acura integra 01 ls radiator replacement

acuta integra 01 ls radiator replacement

Radiator is starting to leak at top of tank around seam. recieved estimate at acura dealer, $550.00 parts and labor.

This is and after market radiator, they told me it would save me $200.00 and there is nothing wrong with using a aftermarket radiator. Would this be a wise decision? Car has 125k. I like this dealer never any upsell or presure. Does this seem like fair pricing from the dealer. Thanks Jack

Posted by: przystasz

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a direct-fit aftermarket replacement. It may even come from the same manufacturer that Acura has make theirs. Acura does not make radiators, they specify their needs via a design package and contract the manufacture of it out to a radiator manufacturer.

The price is reasonable for a dealer shop. But shop around. You may be able to save a few hundred. Labor rates and parts at dealer shops are often higher that at independent shops.