Advice columnists change people's names: this one chose Tom and Ray

“Dear Annie” is considered the new successor to Ann Landers. The major advice columnists such as Dear Abby have admitted to changing the names of people in letters sent to them. For example, “Frank” has never called me since we went on one date. Now he’s dating my friend “Christine”. The letters themselves might use fake names, but even if they do, are those names kept?

I’m curious about what happened with the first letter here.

Me thinks you have the wrong Forum . This is Car Talk .

I’m curious about what this could possibly have to do with a car-oriented forum, such as this.

Did you read the first letter? The brothers’ names are Tom and Ray. I wonder whose idea that was. Did they get the names from the Car talk guys?

No , and I can’t think of any reason to do so.

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So, applying Occam’s razor, either “R” or “Annie” is a fan of Click and Clack.
That’s all. It’s just a cigar.

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Or it means a decade after the last new episodes, they’re more famous than we thought.

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