What is the origin of the name you use on Car Talk?

It’s a little slow today so I had time to remember what I’ve always wanted to ask the regulars on this forum. How did you come by the name you use for Car Talk? Mine is easy. I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force under a delayed enlistment and guaranteed career field. My chosen career field was Air Launched Missiles. So many members of my family called me “Missileman” during my AF career that the name stuck. You can be as specific or as vague as you need to be.

Years ago, when my son was five years old, he wanted a dog. We went to the local animal shelter and picked out a puppy. My son named the dog Treeda. Where he got that name, I’ll never know. Since ending the name with an “a” didn’t seem appropriate since it would be the Latin feminine case and the dog was male. I didn’t want the dog to have a sex identity crisis, so I spelled his name Triedaq. The “q” is silent. (The name is pronounced Tree duh). The dog had great qualities. He didn’t butt into other’s business. He liked other animals. When I would feed him, he would eat what he wanted and leave the rest for the birds. The birds would yap at old Triedaq while he was eating to hurry him up. When he finished, he would lay back and watch the birds finish his food. He seemed to enjoy that. He was friendly, but not overbearing. He was a very peace loving dog. In short, he had qualities that I wish I had. He lived to be about 15 when he died of kidney failure. I have had two rescue dogs since Triedaq passed over 20 years ago. At any rate, I decided to honor that dog by using his name.

My two Labs are also shelter animals. They would not have lasted the week if we had not brought them home. Sounds like Triedaq was a very special dog. It must be the turkey that caused a lump in my throat when I read your reply.

texases = texas + es (ES300 was my care at the time).
One perturbed poster on a different site said I needed one more ‘s’…

I have NEVER been able to invent aliases, avatars, or user names for myself…( obviously )
But , yeeeears ago a snarky mechanic on the other end of my phone yell at me ‘’ hey goldielocks, get a freekin pencil.’’ and he’s called me that to this day.
In the CB radio days I used that as my handle and I had the last laugh.

But these days ;
The locks are shorter ( no more ponytail )
The locks are most certainly NOT gold anymore.
and the name would not really seem appropriate any more as its feminine sound would be misleading.
( yet you can bet there are many names in use here that can also obscure one’s gender. )

A former guitar player of mine will yell his salutaion to me from accross the mall… ‘’ Hey white boy ‘’ and I know exactly who is calling out ( one white boy to another )
But that’s not very p.c. and whitey is already taken.

So I don’t even try.

I do a lot of formal and informal consulting. They ususually call me “Doc”, although I don’t have a PhD (stands for “piled high and deep”), unlike my brother , who has two. The downside is that everyone expects useful answers!

B.L.E. are just my initials plain and simple and it wasn’t already taken.

University of Kansas grad and currently living in KC metro (west side). Roy is my middle name and what I am called by because my Dad and I shared first names. Always liked the Jayhawk mascot, anyway.

When the forum changed, my username waterboy, as I work at a water utility would not transfer over. A couple of years ago our daughter found a little puppy freezing in a snowbank. No chip, no claimers. Never thought I’d like an anklebiter as we have had a German shepherd, and now a Golden retriever. We take her to visit the senior folks and is loved at the assisted living complexes. She is a cute great 14 pounds of fun dog (one of our cats is bigger!), her hair color is a flaxen blond, but like others I have trouble picking names. Everyone hates barky dogs, an ear splitting yelp, and she started barking as I was tryng to think of a name.

Salutations @waterboy. I always wondered what happened to you.

Galant was the Mistu car I bought when we were expecting our second. My wife could not drive the stick shift Camry and her Corolla was not safe anymore. The Galant needed a new transmission and some TLC to be road worthy. I created that handle when I was asking for help here.

Simple–I’ve been playing competitive Scrabble® since the early 1990’s. In the interim, I’ve learned a lot of pretty useless information, such as all the seven-letter words that come from the letters AEINRST. (Hint, there’s nine).


I had a nickname, but I had used it as a password for some sites so I didn’t want to use it as a username. So I used my real first name, after all it isn’t that uncommon. I started using here way back before registration was even required.

After the last crash, it didn’t meet the minimum character requirement, but one of the cyberbabs (also named Keith) somehow fixed it so I could continue using it as my username.

I guess wasn’t thinking creatively when I picked my name. Though, I occasionally ponder changing it simply for the sake of safety.

My user name really doesn’t mean anything

d is the initial of my first name. But the b and 4690 don’t mean anything

Sorry. No good story here

OK - representing my adoptive home state where I’ve spent the majority of my life.

44 - representing the 1944 Harley U flathead motorcycle I own.

50 - representing the 1950 Harley FL Panhead cop bike I own.

Now in retirement I find my favorite non “family get together” activities ( baby sitting the grand kids is our favorite) allow to stay close to our friends. And, they still allow us to compete. It’s funny, but I have developed numerous great relationships in each but find few of them cross over. The only thing many seem to have in common, is an interest in cars. The three activities that have kept me close to my family and expanded my group of friends are ballroom dancing, golf and sailing. To give an example, one close friend in sailing loves his BMW, another in the dancing community raves about his v8 Mustang and still another good friend in sailing just bought another Miata and loves riding motorcycles. Golfers don’t like cars they can’t get two sets of clubs in. None has a cross over interest in the other activities yet many seem to love their cars. I found that very interesting. So, DAGOSA is the first two letters of DAncing, GOlf and SAing. These seemed an appropriate segway to “Cartalk”.

Nice to be remembered missleman, thanks. Changed the pic, The little dog is getting used to water but prefers to stay dry rather than swim. Just cause I think you might like it here is a vid of the golden and little critter playing. She carries her food dish around and growls at the big dog, seems to work for her. Happy Holidays, Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWDYu6N2nDI

Best example of “rope a dope” ever seen.

I own a Mustang, hence Mustangman. A bit obvious and not very creative but it IS a car site.