Where is Ray's column?

The real newspaper where I was reading it made some changes, and Ray didn’t survive.

Click on “CARS A-Z” on the top right.

Thanks. I found the last column that ran in the newspaper. Ray was replaced with Dear Abby.

They got rid of the entire ‘Automobile’ section in my Saturday paper, it had been dying a slow death. Used to be 20 pages, then 12, then 8. The last month or two it was combined with the real estate section. Luckily, Ray survived, now in the sports section.

Vchimpanzee ---- There has to be a story to go with that screen name .

There is. The first email I ever sent (for some reason the web site allowed me to send it without having my own email address) was to congratulate the radio station’s new music director. I made a typo on the subject line. That could be my online name! Essentially what I was saying was they must have hired a chimp because the music made no sense. 25 years later, even stations playing the music I liked back then sound like that, so I guess it eventually did make sense to mix all those styles together.

Ray’s column appears right here, at cartalk.com, front page. The most recent is about cars recommended for dog owners.

I wish it was more clearly labelled.