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Who is Frank?

Forgive me if this has come up before, but several times in the past, I’ve heard Tom address Ray as ‘Frank’. I thought maybe your radio names are pseudonyms, but the other day, I think I heard Ray call Tom ‘Frank’. What gives? Are the two of you the same person in some Norman Bates kind of way?

Also, if you’re not the same person, the only picture of you I’ve seen is in my local newspaper, and I don’t know which is which. Which of you is Cheech and which is Chong?


Tom and Ray rarely post here. You can email them directly from the CarTalk home page if you wish.

I can’t say I’ve ever heard either brother call the other “Frank.” Perhaps I’m missing something.

I think I’ve heard one of them call the other Frank, too. I assume that either Tom and Ray aren’t their real names or that Frank is a producer or other staff person.

Tom and Ray ARE their real names…

Frank is one of the Producers.

I wonder if it has nothing to do with anyone’s real name.

“Well now, let’s be frank.”
“Both of us ?”
“ok ,you can be frank.”
“Surely you must be joking”
“and don’t call me shirley”
“ok frank”

Let me be Frank: Ken may be on to something.

Tom and Ray ARE their real names...

Frank is one of the Producers.

This is their staff bio page. No Frank there.

It sounds like they’re quoting someone (doesn’t it always go something like “That’s a great idea, Frank!”).

I’ve always assumed it’s a friend of theirs, but it might be from a movie or somethihng.

The Movie “Airplane”

But if Frank pulled the trigger in the last puzzler, who’s going to produce the show?
Who’s on first? And speaking of the last puzzler, which I did only as a lead in, Tom and Frank, I mean Ray, are really behind the times in these days of equal rights for women. Don’t you think a female plumber named Frances could have a right to a nickname like ‘Frank’? And was it a male or female voice that told ‘Frank’ not to do it? Things are just not as simple and cut and fried as they were when you were younger. The times they are a changin’ and crimson flames tied through my ears and all that crap.

The female plumber is Shirley. Frank doesn’t like being called Shirley.

Let’s all be Frank here, Since now we are Frank, which one is it that looks and sounds like the rat on Beakman’s world?

From the 2002 MIT Alumni Register: “Raymond F. Magliozzi”. We can probably assume the “F” is for Frank