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Erasmo Magliozzi

On this week’s show Ray told an amusing story about himself. He said instead of “Ray”, he uses the name “Erasmo” at the place he shoots pool! lol I guess it’s practical too, because Erasmo – well nobody else is likely to be reserving a pool table using that name – and it has that long “o” sound at the end, so when announced, it is easy to hear in a noisy pool room.

I laughed when I heard this because I do the same thing, for restaurant reservations and the like. I use the name “Parker” rather than Erasmo. “Parker” likewise is easy to hear in a noisy room. Much easier to hear than “George”. Soft G’s are no good. Hard P’s and K’s? Much easier to hear. Works like a charm. Well, most of the time.

Sometimes the staff will give me a hard time, for their amusement I think. Parker is an usual first name. So they’ll ask “Is Parker your first or last name?”. I’ll say “Both”. lol …

So they’ll say “Your name is Parker Parker?”

Me: " Yes, Parker A. Parker at your disposal."

Sometimes it goes further, gets even more silly.

Staff: “What does the A stand for? We’ll call you by that name instead of Parker.”

Me: The “A”? It stands for Aloysius.

Staff: How do you spell that?

Me: Nobody knows.

Staff: [They try to spell it and give up.] Ok, we’ll use “Parker”.