Adverts slowing the site

Running Chrome with a wireless keyboard @BillRussell. Not sure about the batteries though. Typing fine and zippy right now and an ad was running for Chamberlin College of Nursing.

Any of these people have wireless keyboards,with low batteries?

Old fashioned wired keyboard here.

TRowe Price add is running while I’m typing… minor jittery keystrokes return.

Those ads appear to be off topic on an auto site. Spam?

Really slow just now, several seconds delay.

Can This Stuff Be Why My Car Talk Pages Have Been Crashing (closing and reopening) Lately?

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve got a really slow connection that times out on videos if I elect them. Recently my Car Talk page closes unexpectedly and I get a message, something like:
“A problem with this webpage has caused Internet Explorer to close and reopen …”


Other videos are working fine for me. and in fact the car-talk video ads seem ok. (right now an Olive Garden ad). Just the keyboard echo is slow.

I sent Doug the screenshot this morning. He says that our preferences were incorrectly relayed to the service that does our ads (ie no videos). His last message to me said he sent the request along, and that we should all stay tuned. Thanks for the crowd sourcing on this!

FYI, my old mac powerbook pro (G4) running an old version of Safari has been loading very slowly, but that is with all sites. Some won’t even load anymore at all.

Now I have a Lenovo with an i3 processor running linux and iceweasel. I don’t see any videos, or ads of any kind for that matter and this and all sites zip along faster than I am used to. I have a 6mbps U-verse connection.

I use Firefox on Windows 7. I have no ads running and don’t use ad blocker. If I can remember how I configured my computer to do this…I will post back.

my keystrokes have been delayed, sometimes , here, for a year at least.

only on this site.

when it happens I just leave the sight, as typed letters are skipped and everything must be re typed

…no videos tho…

Working fine now, but no video’s being displayed at this point.

And a refresh brought up a video, and the delay is back. Not real bad, but definitely delayed echo.

so I guess if we want to type in a comment, we refresh till there is no video. Gotten worse as I typed this.

Sometimes there are 2-3 advertising videos running at the same time. I have a decent connection (which I had Fios available)…but at times this site is very slow…mainly because of those videos.

I don’t know how to do this off the top of my head, but my son went into one of the preferences somewhere on the computer and turned off auto run videos. I have been checking and I do see an ad with that sideways pointing triangle in the center for me to click on, but it does not run unless I click on that symbol, which I do not click on.

Autorun can also be controlled at the web site. If I were to embed a Youtube video in this post, it would not autorun. Maybe that is something in the Youtube video or something at this web site that does not allow autorun in the comments. Maybe it could be turned off for the ads too. The advertisers could still have their ads, but they would only run if the viewer was interested.

I just talked to my son and and he told me that he installed a program called privoxy on my new computer. He says that he knows it runs on all unix based systems like linux and mac but he doesn’t know if it runs on windows. Google for privoxy and see if it will help you. I run Iceweasel which is firefox for linux.

One more trick to try, if you see one of these running, put your cursor at the bottom of the video and see if you get the progress bar and video controls. If you do, look for a gear at the right side and put your cursor over it. If necessary, click on the gear to get a drop down menu and turn off auto start or auto run.

Hi, Doug tells me he heard back from our ad service, and the filters to prevent video ads from running on our site have been checked and reset. If there are other video ads, please let me know.

Letting you know. I was trying to type a comment on another thread about 5 minutes ago. I gave up after the 3rd or 4th time the typing froze. Advertisement videos were running at the time. Right now while I’m typing there is no freezing and no videos running.