Adding arm rests... possible?

So I posted before that I despise the seat in my new 2018 Hyundai Tucson. I am playing with various cushions and lumbar support options and think I will find something that makes my vehicle keepable…BUT! I still need armrests. Is there any way to add armrests to a vehicle that does not have them? Any universal fit type thing or aftermarket something? Anyone know of any back support cushions that have armrests?
The way that I fit in the seat in the car I cannot use the center console on the right nor the door on the left as armrests. They are too far back and out from my body to use. I need something attached to the seat…
Is this even possible or am I going to have to set up a bazillion different cushions every time I get in and out of my car?

If you have side airbags, it could be dangerous to add some kind of armrest on the left side.


You liked the seat in your last vehicle? It was stock? Not modified to your needs at all? Theoretically, you could remove your new seat and substitute the same seat from your previous van/car. Any high end rod shop could do it. Modify the seat mounts. Now, will your new car give you an airbag warning? Probably.

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I think that it would be more accurate to state that it WOULD be dangerous to add an armrest to the side of a seat that contains side airbags.

And then there is the likelihood (or… certainty…) that the side airbags would not function properly–if at all–in the event of a side impact.

Even though the OP will surely have to take a major financial “hit”, I think that her extreme discomfort with this vehicle’s seats means that the only real solution is to trade it for a more comfortable vehicle. And, when shopping for the next vehicle, the OP needs to make it clear to the salesperson that she will need an extended test drive, possibly as long as 1 to 1.5 hours in order to properly assess seat comfort and not wind-up in a similar dilemma with the next vehicle.

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When I have test drove vehicles, I have always told the salesperson that I would be back soon.
I would return with the paper and had them leave me the keys and that I would sit in the car for an hour at least to see if it meet my comfort needs.
I always stress to the salesperson that " The longer I sit without interruption, the better likelihood I would be buying this vehicle". They have always left me alone…maybe a walk past to be nosy…but not interrupted me.


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Sigh. I wish I had known the seat fit would be an issue. I have driven so many vehicles and I have never had a problem with a seat being so uncomfortable before so I didn’t even really consider it a possibility.
Absolutely loved the seat in my sienna. I could drive 6+ hours with not a single issue. I would love to be able to buy a Sienna seat and put it in the Tucson but if it would cause airbag issues then that’s not worth it obviously. The Sienna had bilateral armrests and side airbags but obviously they were created to work together.
Thanks for the input. Obviously whatever next vehicle I get, whenever that is I will spend a significant amount of time vetting the seat…

I started doing that in the 70s when a girl I dated bought a little…I think it was a sunbird…but I could be wrong about the make.
We went on a two hour trip and I was sure that I had ridden there on a cement block. I was so sore after the two hours I was glad to ride back in the trunk if I could.


what is your body dimensions? 5’-1" and 98lbs? or a little bigger. not that the size is the issue. maybe your back is delicate?