Acura transmission problem

I have a 2003 3.2TL. The transmission “slips” at about 35 MPH, when accelerating slowly. It also makes a sound that sounds like I am dragging something under the car, from time to time.

My mechanic put an additive in that he said has helped in other Acuras. It helped for about a day. This problem started about 8 months ago and is getting worse over time.

Has anyone had a similar problem, if so, what is the expected cost of the repair.


I am guessing automatic transmission. It is a good idea to tell us that. It is also a good idea to tell us how many miles you may have on your transmission and if there is any kind of history, that would also help.

When was the last time the transmission fluid was changed?

It’s an automatic, 107K miles, fluid changed @90K

See your dealer on this one. Acura was having problems with their transmissions back then and were putting new ones in. Hopefully you have stayed aquainted with the dealer over the years so they know you and can provide some help.

A follow-up:
Took the car to Smithtown Acura. They want $3100 for a new transmission, and $1800 for a motor mount, a timing belt and the 105K service, but, if I do all the work, they will give me 20% off the transmission repair, for a total of $4300.

Here is what i did:

  1. took the car back and paid $125 to them for looking at it.
  2. Called Frank at TNT Automotive, who will do the timing belt and water pump for $625. BTW, I found Frank thru this website and he is a great mechanic, fair and honest.
  3. Found out online that Honda was sued in a class action suit for the transmission problems in the Honda Accord-Acura CL /TL for model years 2000-03 (limited production in '03 though mine is covered). The settlement calls for an extension of the warranty to 7 1/2 years or 109K miles, whichever comes first. I have 107K miles.

Clearly Smithtown Acura was trying to stick it where the sun don’t shine. I wonder if they can bill American Honda for a transmission under warranty claim and collect the money from me at the same time? In any case it certainly seems like fraud.

My next step is to call American Honda customer service Monday morning and find out if the local Honda dealer nearby can do the work, or, does it have to go to an Acura dealer. I’m certainly not going back to Smithtown Acura.

You were right about seeing the dealer, except, read my post.