Is this a good deal ? 2014 RDX in 29,995

I have been looking to buy a used vehicle in luxury class SUV. Can somebody evaluate this and suggest if this is a good deal -

I am new to auto shopping, so seeking some pointers.
Anybody ?


It’s not a special deal or anything. You could get a brand new one with the same option package (i.e, it doesn’t have any option packages) for 5 grand more if you didn’t haggle down from MSRP (which you absolutely should). This is the base model RDX - not to say it doesn’t have nice features. It’s a very nice entry level luxury crossover, but most Acuras include everything standard except the tech package, so all of the"options" listed in the ad are, in fact, standard equipment with the exception of the body side molding (which is only a $250 dealer addon, and therefore nothing special). As such, you will not have a nav system, you’ll have the lower-model stereo, no power tailgate, and your low beams will not be HID.

You will have more trouble selling it when you decide to dump it because it doesn’t have the tech package, which means it doesn’t have a navigation system – people buying luxo cars want the nav. I passed up a good number of Acura TLs when I was shopping because they didn’t have the navigation system.

So, it’s a nice car, and this is not a BAD deal, but it’s not a particularly fantastic deal either. For that price difference, I’d get a new one - 5 grand for the full warranty and you knowing exactly what every owner has done (or not done) to the car from new would be worth it. If the used one was 10 grand cheaper, than this would be a much better deal.


  1. Never buy a car you cannot test drive and evaluate hands-on
  2. there are numerous publications designed to compile data on cars and provide comparative information, Consumer Reports being the most trusted. They’ll all available at your local bookstore. Get at least the CR to use as a guide.
  3. never ask people over the internet whether a particular used vehicle purchase is a good one or not. We cannot exercise recommendation (1) above
  4. have any used car thoroughly evaluated by your trusted local shop before signing anything or making any agreements.

This vehicle is being offered by a dealer. Unless you’re local to this dealer and can check the vehicle out yourself, skip it. If you are, you don’t need our advice. Unless the car is a 2014 leftover, if it’s truely a used car, the advice you need is your mechanics. He has a rack and a pen.

Thanks much, both of you.
Yes, I am local. But I wanted to get some opinions before contacting salesperson.

In that case, you’ll want to first find out why it’s listed as a used vehicle.

In most states, there are maximum amounts of mileage that can be put on a new car by a dealer before they have to list it as “used”. Most dealers have test cars, loaners, and some even have rentals (usually under s separate division) that accumulate too much mileage to be sold as “new”, and those cars are usually okay.

But if it was owned by an individual, it may be back on the market due to a chronic problem, or even an accident. Be wary of very-late-model used cars unless you know why they’re back on the market.

Sure thing.

The big question to me anymore regarding a used vehicle of any sort is what kind of oil change regimen it has been through…

With many people leasing, trading every few years, and the vast majority not having any inclination at all to spend one dime on maintenance many vehicles end up as a problem child for the next owner even if they do look and run like new; for the time being.

This car has only 10K miles so probably just due for its first oil change based on the newer recommendations. And based on the carfax the oil was changed at 10250 miles. It should have the oil life monitor Honda puts on their cars now. It was also a leased car, just one year. So whoever leased it took a big hit, either didn’t like the car, wanted a different car or maybe filed for bankruptcy, who knows. As mentioned, it is not a spectacular deal, but then again you are in CA, so I am getting a quote for 36K for a brand new one, it would be 2015. Saving 6K +10% tax might be worth it, IF the car checks out okay. I will also read Acura’s wording on their warranty to see what is transferable.

It’s possible for sludge buildup to occur in 10k miles; all depending. If the assumption is made that the oil was never change in that first 10k miles that brings up questions about how often, if ever, the oil level was inspected and how many of that 10k miles the car may have been operated with a low oil level.

Odds are if the first oil change was at 10k miles the guy doing it simply shoved a drain pan underneath, pulled the plug, and wandered off to the parts department for an oil filter while having no idea how much was in it to begin with. Or even caring how much was in it.

Cars are always a crap shoot.

Regarding oil sludging at a young age, I stumbled across that sludge complaint on a Nissan that I remembered reading about several years ago.
It’s 3 pages but post 4 and 5 pretty well sum it up. The rest is rage and finger pointing…

You are right. Few things are difficult to know with used car.
If I go with such type of car, 10% tax I will anyway have to pay,

Have u looked at any other 2014 mdx? What were their prices?

Yes, they are almost more than $31000, if miles are not too high

According to Edmunds, it is about $300 less than the average private party sale, and about $1800 under average dealer retail. Yes, that is a good price.

The more important question is whether it is what you want. If you are OK with the options, color, etc. it might be a decent deal. If you don’t, no price is low enough. Might as well go check it out. And remember you can still haggle it down. They’ll be expecting it.