2017 Acura RDX - Would you buy?

Would you buy again?

Buy what again and explain why you are asking . Vague posts tend to be ignored or get useful replies.

You can find the best answer at Consumer Reports. The group does customer surveys and then asks owners this exact question.

Well we have a 2016 so getting close to needing to trade. My problem now is the new ones are turbo 4’s which I am not happy with. The other option would be an MDX with the V6. So for me it is a big negative. Don’t know how the wife feels about it but we have been very happy with the RDX. She’s not fond of Buicks which would be the other option.

I tend to think USELESS :laughing:

It’s a used car. One RDX may be fantastic; another RDX may be rolling junk already. You cannot lump similar cars together and assume one recommendation fits all.