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1996 Acura 2.5 TL - Keep or get rid?

Has 97,000. Made recommended repairs at 95,000.Runs great but mechanic says this is “orphan” car and getting parts will be a problem. Also warns of ABS pump failure. $2M to repair. I’m 76 and want to avoid expense of new car if possible

I believe that car will run fine with at an ABS pump, it just will not have ABS. Is that mechanic a dealer or independent? I don’t know about that specific pump, but I would be surprised if it was not used in more than one car. They should be available. However if it cost 2 million dollars to repair one, I certainly would not repair it. :slight_smile:

Orphan car ? Maybe parts are difficult for a lazy bum like that mechanic ! ABS failure is not a $2000 repair either - about half that at a dealer and a lot less at an outfit like ModuleMaster ! Flush the brake fluid every couple of years and the ABS pump has no problems !

Find a new mechanic. This car has AT LEAST another 97,000 miles (if not twice that many) left in it, as long as you follow the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual. Acura still makes and sells the TL, and although it’s substantially different from the one you’re driving, I’d hardly call the earlier model an “orphan.”

I agree that you need a new mechanic, based on both his misstatement about this being an “orphaned” car and the price that he quoted.

Two million dollars for ABS repair? He must have worked for the Pentagon previously.

Hard to get parts for an Acura TL?? You must be joking. My parents have a 1990 Acura that needed a new master cylinder earlier this year and the parts were available at the dealer and the repairs were carried out quickly with little fuss. Please find a new mechanic because this one sounds like he overcharges and his advice is poor. Your car will go 200,000 miles EASILY with regualr oil changes and maintenance.

Not hard to get parts but the cars are not infallible. Transmission failures are very common on Honda’s in this vintage more so than other makes. However this does not mean this car will ever incur a failure.


The transmission issue was on the 2nd generation TL’s built between from 1999-2003. The first generation TL’s from 1996-1998 were trouble free for the most part using the same engine carried over from the Vigors on the 2.5TL.

Did this mechanic by any chance offer to take the “orphan” off your hands?

As far as getting parts goes, if your mechanic can’t find something locally, you can always order it from salvage yards via the internet. Someone in the country will have what you’re looking for!

Thanks for your responses! I am much relieved. Clarification: My mechanic is independent and couldn’t do replacement of hyd. pump ABS because requires special tools. Est dealer pump R/R at $2,000. Sorry, my bad! Again, this is 1st gen 2.5 TL.

Still interested on what other repairs might be required over next 40,000 to 50,000. This old dude is really greatful to you guys. Keep input coming.

The transmission issue was on the 2nd generation TL’s built between from 1999-2003.

EXACTLY…This vintage Honda did NOT have the tranny issues. Wifes 96 Accord which we sold to a neighbor now had over 240k miles…still going strong.

Still interested on what other repairs might be required over next 40,000 to 50,000.

I don’t know if there any any EXPECTED repairs. When we sold our 96 Accord with 210k miles on it last year we put less then $4 in maintenance beyond normal maintenance.

Normal Maintenance included…brakes, tires, battery, timing-belt, exhaust, oil and filter changes…etc…