1989 Acura Legend



Been offered 89 Acura Legend for basically free. Has only 39,000 miles on it; elderly owner garaged and maintained it but rarely drove it. How reliable were they? Are parts still available? It will cost me more to title/register it than it is worth probably. But IS it worth it?


A lot of people will pay good money for a car like that-- you should be counting your lucky stars! A 18-year old Acura with 39k has a lot of life left in it, and parts are still comprehensively avaliable for it. You do know that Acura is the Honda luxury brand, right? They have probably the best reputation for reliability there is.

One thing you do absolutely have to do very, very soon is get the timing belt changed. It will be deteriorated from sitting and if it breaks your engine will be toast. It’ll probably cost 600 bucks or so, but with that and the title fee you will still have way more car than you would be able to buy otherwise.


Thanks very much. Yes, I do appreciate what the car is, but of course what seems like a great idea/deal in theory…well, you know! I will definitely take a close look at it.


I will gladly buy it if you decide it is not worth the trouble