2001 Acura TL needs a new transmission

The transmission on my car went out today, and I am trying to decide if it’s worth fixing. The best repair quote was 3,200 and it includes a three year warranty. It also looks like I will need to replace the timing belt in the next year. I am just trying to decide if it’s a good time to cut my losses and get a new car. If I do decide to sell it, how do I go about selling a car that is not actually drivable?

That’s a pretty hefty chunk of change to pay…must be for a replacement instead of a rebuild. Have you priced around to see if anyone can do better?

A timing belt replacement is normal maintenance, so try not to lump that in with a transmission failure. I can’t tell you if you should replace the car, but if you decide to sell it just be straightforward. Make sure you say that it will need to be towed because of the transmission. Needless to say, the price should be significantly discounted to make it worth someone’s while.

There was a recall on transmissions for 2000 TLs a few years ago. I think yours was covered.

Anyway, you could probably get a good deal from someone who would fix the transmission and drive it, or a junkyard.

You get very little for a car that is not drivable. A 2001 Acura should sell well, if it’s in good shape. You have not stated the mileage or maintenance history or whether you bought the car new.

I’m puzzled as to why the transmission packed it in. A friend of my wife has a 1999 Acura and it’s totally bulletproof. If the transmission and other parts of the car were not maintained as per the owner’s manual, you would be well to sell it; more expensive problems will soon follow.

Thanks for all your responses, very helpful. I had an extended warranty (100K miles or 7 years) due to the Acura TL transmission issues, but it expired 9 months ago. As a matter of ?good will? they offered to split the cost with me. I am thinking my half of $3,200 seems pretty high. The car has 78,000 miles which I purchased from my dad (purchased certified pre owned) and is in good shape. I am almost thinking to pony up the $3,200 bucks and maybe sell it 6 months down the road given some of the better offers for new cars out there.

1999-2003 with the Honda Accord V6/Acura TL(same thing) have a higher failure rate with automatic transmissions.

Honda failed in the early 2000’s with automatics. Just a weak point of that time period and unfortunately are very expensive one.

Yes the early ones had transmission issues but 1600 for a new trans is nothing. Put the trans in and drive it. Why would you want to sell a car with that few miles with a new updated transmission?

You’re not alone. Yeah, '99 - '03 3.2TLs had transmission issues but the '99s less so - they used the more reliable 4-spd auto. Based on mileage, etc. it would appear that you have a very good car otherwise. I say replace the trans and take care of the timing belt. It’ll be a chunk of change now but you should have a good car that should give you reliable service for a long time before more work needs to be done. I have a '00 3.2TL and I’m on my original trans with 99.5K miles. If and when the trans goes, I’ll put in a replacement and keep driving it, it’s a great car that I hope to put at least another 100K miles on before I get rid of it.

Good luck…

I agree, $1600 is a bargain for a factory transmission. This car is good for 200k+ miles, and 2001 is not ‘old’.

My 2003 TL also went out on me, at 72,000 miles. I have religiously done all my services at the Acura dealer and all I got was 10% so it cost me $3,600 plus the new timing belt for a total of $5,000. I was told all about the extended warranty, and how it no longer applied to me, but I still feel as though I got the short end of the stick. Although I had the work done because, even for $5,000, I could not get another decent car for that amount. The issue is that all the previous Hondas and Acura’s that my wife and I have driven have gone past 200k miles. Does anyone know if I might have any additional recourse?

This is total BS. What does the years have to do with a tranny. Mine just went. I have 50,500 miles and it will be 10 years old in Feb. Just great Honda. There is an obvious issue with these trans and now they expect me to pay 3700 for a new one? jeez. sorry guys, obviously venting a little here. I’ll call the dealer tomorrow but I don’t expect much. I guess the pump or whatever they did during the ‘safety’ recall didn’t hold. Maybe if I had not taken it in with 8000 miles I could have gotten a new trans out of Honda. Have seen the Ford’s lately? I know what I’m buying next.