Acura intermittenly won't start

2000 Acura 3.2TL won’t start about once every 3 weeks. When turning the key, it makes a clicking sound and if I let it sit about ten minutes, it will start. Also twice while driving 80mph down the highway, the car cut engine power to the gas petal and I had to coast to a stop, and wait ten minutes to restart the car. Because the dealer cannot duplicate the problem, they won’t diagnose it. I’ve also replaced the egr valve and spark plugs hoping that might be the problem. Any thoughts?

Have you had the battery cables, ground strap and battery checked. Clicking sound when key is at the turn engine over position if almost a buzzing means not enough power to turn over the engine.

When the engine lost power, did any other electrical component (radio, lights, fan) stop?
There was a recall to replace the ignition switch on 1997 (and 1998?) Hondas’ ignition switches (the part with wires) for prolems simular to yours. It could also be your problem. Might be.
The Acura dealer can’t, or won’t, troubleshoot your car. Go to an independent shop. Since it’s iffy finding something with an intermittent problem, you may just pay for diagnosis without a final cure. Are you willing?

Thanks for the reply. Do you think that there maybe two separate problems here? The starting problem maybe the ignition or related to the battery. There was a transmission recall on this car. Do you think the engine loosing power maybe related to this? When it cuts power, the engine is still running and all electrical stuff is still working, but the traction control light comes on.