Electrical problem in Acura TL 2004

My Acura TL 2004, the first year of this model, occasionally just turns off while driving. All electrics shut down (head lights, radio, overhead lights) and the motor turns off. This occurs at both low speeds (20 mph) and high speeds (70 mph). After coasting to a stop and putting the car in park, it restarts without any problem and performs normally. It is a very intermittent problem, say once every 3 months, for a total of 5 times so far. My Acura dealer says he gets no error codes from the OBD-II and he can’t find anything similar from Acura, Inc. I have had it in to the dealership twice with no success at finding the cause of this problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The trouble is most likely due to a faulty power connection in the ignition switch area. It may be the switch itself. If it isn’t there then I would suspect a bad connection in the main power bus area under the hood. The OBD-2 system isn’t going to show up this kind of trouble most likely since the trouble is before the ECU and sensors. You may be able to pin down the trouble area by tapping on suspected trouble areas with a screwdriver handle and watching for the fault to occur.