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Acura clicking noisee

I have a 2010 Acura TSX V6 for almost year now and it has been making a noise I feel shouldn’t be there and is driving me NUTS…anyhow, when you go from reverse to drive, just when making like 1st quarter of a rotation forward something is “clicking” into gear/action, who knows…dealer gave me dismissive answer they “all do it.” Which does not please me for $35K “luxury” car which should be silent…this is not acceptable…anyone have this experience and luck in getting it to stop!!! I have had Hondas and felt I would be 1,000% satisifed w/luxury line and am SO disappointed…

You Could Be Describing An ABS Self - Test Noise Which Is Normal. Many Cars Make Noise During The Test, Many Costing Way More Than $35K. Why Does It Upset You ? Would You Prefer A Brake Malfunction ?


I have no idea about an ABS self test…it will do it repeatedly if you reverse and then go to drive…I am no an idiot and no, I do not prefer a brake malfunction…just want an answer as to what it is other than they “all do it.” Thanks for your info and sarcasm.

Whenever a car owner believes that he/she is getting less-than-adequate service from a dealership, he/she needs to “kick it up a notch” by referring the problem to the corporate level. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

Do This: Ask Your Salesperson To Allow You To Test-Dive Another Car Simlar To Your Make / Model. If It Makes The Sound Then They Probably All Do That. If Not, Ask The Dealer, “Why ?”

Another thing, Who at the "…dealer gave me dismissive answer they all do it." ? Was it a Salesperson or Service Advisor ? They sometimes don’t know much about cars.

You need to take a Service Technician (mechanic) for a ride in the parking lot to hear what you hear. That person will know if it’s normal and what it is.


I did, had salesman pull exact car out and hear it lightly…still not satisfied it is right even though all do it…just me I guess. Yes, it was both technician and Service Manager who said it…I would like to as the regional rep myself and ask exactly what it is and if they are working on a fix…sort of hard for me to accept if “normal” it is a very loud clicking of something into place that, as I said, to me, is not acceptable on a luxury car when a lesser car doesn’t do that…and at what point do they all do it becomes it should be fixed or they all shouldn’t do it? I appreciate your response and just wondering if any other Acura V6 people out there have pursued this.

There’s nothing to pursue. I have an '07 TL, and it does it too. It’s a brake self-test. The time to get worried is if you stop hearing the noise, because that means the car isn’t performing the self-test.

Well, thanks to you and Common Sense answer…evidently the noise has a reason…wonder they the tech and service manager would not tell just explain that to me…the what/why it was for? No one has used those words/explanation…thank you!

To Shadowfax: was thinking this morning about brake self test reason for noise. Does your TL do it every single time you go from reverse to drive? Or does it do it once each time you turn on? Mine makes the sound each time I go from reverse to drive and to me that doesn’t make sense the brakes test would be triggered by that. And back to my vague techs at Acura’s answer that all V6’s make sound, to me points to V6 engine related.

You might start by not referring to this as a “luxury car”.
At what point will you be satisfied when everyone is telling you what this noise is and that it is normal?

if it’s doing it every time, it might be something else, but also normal. How good is your hearing? Some people with good enough hearing can hear the lockout solenoid engaging. That’s a part that makes it impossible to shift from drive back into reverse if you’re going more than 3mph. It would do it every time you shift. Whether its that or the ABS self test, the likely reason the tech didn’t give you a good explanation is that he didn’t know what it was. I’ve found Acura tech’s knowledge to generally be limited to what they read in the manual after the car’s computer tells them what part is having a problem. If they haven’t read that page yet, they don’t know it.

Thanks again for your insight!

Did you ever find a fix to your problem? I have started hearing this noise on my 08 TL and I got the same resposne from the dealer and Acura - It is a common occurence on 04-08TL’s.