2011 Camry - something rattles into place about .25 miles into driving

Hi All,

I have a 2011 Camry, and I noticed about 6 months ago that when I’m driving the car after its been at rest for several hours, within about a quarter of a mile into the drive, there is this slight rattle/click, simultaneously somewhere around the gas pedal it feels like something clicks into place. After that the rest of the drive is completely normal.

Recently this occurrence seems to happen more frequently, and not just when the car’s been parked for awhile.

To me this car is still practically brand new, and I’d hate to think that there’s something majorly wrong, but I would love any advice anyone can give as to what might be causing this to happen.

It may be the ABS self test that you are hearing. That’s just my guess because I have never heard it. I’ll listen for something on my Toyota and I might get lucky and learn something.

My 09 Camry give a thunk noise one time when it hits 7 mph for the ABS test.

“It may be the ABS self test that you are hearing.”


The OP really needs to read the section of the Owner’s Manual that discusses the ABS system and its normal self-test pattern. It is very likely that the OP is just hearing a normal test of the ABS system.