2007 Toyota Camry XLE

When I back the car out of the garage, there is a loud “clunk” noise that comes from the rear of the car. This noise sounds exactly at the time the car shifts from first to second. During the day, every time I back up, the “clunk” can be heard, but in a softer tone. Toyota has been on this case, but to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas about the “clunk?”

If it’s still under warranty, keep pushing Toyota. Since that’s a FWD vehicle and the noise is coming from the rear, it’s probably just a bad bushing.

Meanwhile, have you checked your trunk and spare tire well to be sure everything is secured?

SO the noise is there both in reverse and also in 1 to 2 shift? You are sure you are not confusing this with the ABS self test bang?

Anybody checked the rear brakes for sticking?

The trunk and spare tire was checked by Toyota. They also put in new brakes, twice. I will check with them soon about “a bad bushing.” Thanks.

I think the ABS check only occurs when you move forward, and should be around 10 MPH. That’s the case with my Accord, and I understand the same is true for the Camry.

Yes, the noise occurs when I am moving forward. But, the noise only occurs after I have backed the car up, and then drove forward. If I am parked at a curb and start forward, the noise does not occur?

Does it make a difference if you apply the e brake or no?

I think it’s the ABS self-test.

Are you making sure you come to a full stop before you change from reverse to drive?

No difference.

Yes, I’m sure that I come to a complete stop before changing from reverse to drive.