2012 Honda Accord


I have a NEW (purchased May 18th) 2012 Honda Accord. After starting the car there is a small vibration at 16-18 mph which I feel slightly in the gas pedal. A week ago, it started making a slight click when the car reaches 30 mph. This happens only when the first time it reaches these speeds when the car is started. Once started, I can stop and start (without turning off the car) as many times as I need without the sound. However, if I turn the car off and back on, the sounds happens again.

Please help as this is driving me nuts. I’m really regretting leaving Subaru after 20+ years.


The consensus in the Accord forums is that it’s an ABS self-test which happens on the first 30mph of the drive, but doesn’t need to happen after that since it’s already been tested.

If you want to confirm this, you could have a dealership tech hook up a handheld diagnostic tool and run the function test while you have your foot on the accelerator. You should feel the same thing.

The small vibration at 16 could be a lot of things, most of them non-serious. If you’re worried, ask the dealer. It’s under warranty.

Thanks Shadowfax,

The dealer suggested it could be the ABS system but didn’t seem to think it would happen EVERY time I turn on the car. I will ask them to do the test just to be certain.

Any idea about the clicking sound at 30 mph?


The ABS test is (most likely) the clicking sound at 30mph. And it would happen every time you turn on the car. It does in my TL (though mine actuates at around 5mph).

how in the world?
I thought most ABS self tests were done when you first engaged the vehicle and moved a little bit., or like 5mph at most. But 30?!

That’s the consensus on the Accord forums anyway - I won’t say for certain that’s what it is, but I can say that other Accord drivers experience it, and it hasn’t caused any harm.

It does make sense that it’s some sort of diagnostic function, as otherwise it should happen randomly, or every time OP passes 30mph instead of just the first time after the engine is started.

Just checking, but could the sound possibly be the doors automatically locking when you reach a certain speed?

Does this car have anti-lock brakes or electronic stability control?