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Acetone in Gas

Will using an ounce or two of Acetone in the gas to improve milage do any harm to seals or anything else?

No improvement, slight possibility of damage. Old wive’s tale. Put in a bottle of Techron, etc., if you think your fuel system needs cleaning.

If this really worked, don’t you think our gas would already have acetone in it?

Every time that gas prices go up drastically, this old chestnut reappears.
No, it will not improve your gas mileage.
As to damage, that is an unknown, but I don’t suggest that you experiment in order to find out.

If you do a search on this forum for acetone, you’ll find a long thread with extensive discussion on the use of acetone (from the last time gas prices spiked). There’s no value in using it, and perhaps a potential risk.


A few years ago, I researched this subject extensively. I found out that acetone was used in a fuel additive for farm equipment in the 50’s or 60’s. The company was sued out of existence when engine damage started occurring. It does not work and could harm your engine.

Ditto and the only thing that surprises me is that this question (along with water to gas, molecule aligners, hydrogen generators, etc) have not appeared more often than they have.

The long timers here may remember when this subject was beaten to death a few years back and I volunteered my Lincoln as a guinea pig on an upcoming road trip even though I knew the premise is bunk.
Half the total trip with acetone and the other half without. Fuel economy was the same, acetone or not.

“It has begun” should be the appropriate response. I’m sure by summer, ever 3rd or 4th new thread will be on this, the 2nd or 3rd will be water injection/hho, 4th or 5th will be on the various products, like the 2 cent resistor sold for 50 bucks, that claim to improve mileage

Labels on fuel system cleaner list benzene, toluene and a few others. Acetone may be listed too for all I know. I was just in K-Mart too. I wish I looked again. I was reading at Wal-Mart the other day.

It’s in Berryman B-12 so it is being used. One ounce won’t clean your fuel injectors but six ounces might do something or other. It won’t help with fuel economy. Why not pour a whole can of Sea-Foam in there? I know you found a way to get Acetone for free. It’s like every other paint thinner. Methyl Ethel Ketone is even in fuel treatments so I guess that if it’s paint thinner, it won’t destroy anything quickly.

At about $21 a gallon vs. gas at about $4 a gal., why would you want to use it?

It just might.

But if you’re serious about wanting to increase your gas mileage, send me a check for $500 (plus S&H) and I’ll send you a kit guaranteed to increase your mileage. It’ll consist of a tire pressure gage, new spark plugs, new wires rotor and cap (if applicable to your engine), a set of new filters, and…as an extra bonus…you’ll even recieve a free beam-type torque wrench for installing the plugs!

Seriously, the best way to increase mileage is to properly maintain the car including the tire pressure amd drive conservatively. Old myths and magic doodads never work and can cause damage.

This one may have been beaten to death, too, but will adding a little alcohol to your gas help remove water?

It’s already in there, most all gas has 10% ethanol these days.