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Accord or TSX to replace 850?

(sorry this was put in R & M)

I wrote recently about the difficulty I’m having replacing my totaled 1997 Volvo 850 - I’m still walking - which probably isn’t a bad thing ! What if one were considering something used, 2008, certified, low mileage - what about a Honda Accord vs an Acura TSX ? TSX’s dimensions similar to old 850, TSX needs premium, both have decent reliability/safety stats, gas mileage not outstanding for either one - I’m a retired senior thus not putting on big commute miles but I’m often on a freeway.

Any replacement comments appreciated,

Patty B

An Accord in good mechanical condition will last you may miles and years. Seniors drive much less and either the Accord or Acura will be a better car than your Volvo in my opinion. For the same money you will get a better Accord than an Acura, since those have a higher initial price and resale value.

Additional cars to consider are a Toyota Camry (4 cylinder), or a Mazda 6, 4 cylinder. Both are long-lived vehicles with proper maintenance.

Good luck!

I’m sure that either one will last a long time. Why not drive them both and then decide?

be aware that the newer Accords(well, Honda/Acura cars in general) sit fairly low to the ground, thus you’ll be needing to climb out of it when you leave, and fall into it when you enter.
Shop around and don’t limit yourself on just one brand in particular

The Acura is a rebadged European Accord, I think, so it really comes down to personal preference and the condition of the particular cars, if used. The TSX is certainly a bit sportier, if you like that.