PS HELP!.....Audi A6 or Acura TSX


I need help making a decision.

So about 2yrs ago, my honda civic died on me. In the process of buying a new car, I got an incredible deal on a 2006 Audi A6 and I jumped at it. However, I am comtemplating trading it in for a 2007 Acura TSX . My 2006 A6 has ~49,000 miles on it and the 2007 Acura TSX has ~16,000 miles on it. I have enough positive equity in the A6 that my car loan with the bank will remain the same after a trade-in.

The main reason for my contemplation is because I want a car that I can rely on for the next 5yrs, and not have to spend too much money on it. So the bottom line is this: In 5yrs, which of the two cars would have cost me more money to maintain, and which will have a better trade in value. PS HELP.

The Acura will be vastly more reliable and cost much less to keep running for the next 5 years. Your Audi will be a real money pit soon; budget at least $2000 per year.

In 5 years the Audi will be worth next to nothing, while the Acura will still have some resale value. A friend of my wife has an Acura that’s 10 years old and still running like new.

But I would forget resale value, and jump on the chance to get the Acura, if it has been well looked after. Then keep it for the next 8 years at least. An Acura will actually outlast the payment book!

Incredible deals are found more often on less than incredible cars. If you want a car you can rely upon, there’s less chance than you’ll find it in an Audi than an Acura. Check CR reliability ratings.
Good luck in your search.

I believe the sister car for the TSX is the Accord, maybe the Civic, I can’t remember. you’d probably save a grand or two if you looked for the Honda badge instead of the Acura badge.

Yep, if the TSX has been well-maintained (demand documentation, not assurances) it’s a better bet. The recent A6s have been OK, but Audi has a long, depressing track record of poor reliability. I’d go with the TSX if it proves to be good.

It’s in-between, it’s based on the European Accord, which is smaller than the US Accord. The good news it we’ll be getting a TSX wagon shortly, based on the neat European Accord wagon.

Maintenance will be 70% more for the A6. Repairs will be 3 times higher for the A6 compared to the TSX. These are 5-year figures from the Edmunds True Cost to Own feature. You will get both reliability and lower maintenance costs with the Acura.

For reliability, you should get a TSX.

Selling the audi and buying a comparable car a few years older would cost you less than the Acura (which is a better option than the Audi), even if you need to make a couple more repairs.

A rebadged Crosstour no doubt

Why did I get such an incredible deal? I had one and daughter had one. If I’m speaking honest difference of opinion here, it would sure surprise me. The repair, replacement and maintenance costs on your Audi will be truly beyond belief. Get rid of it while it’s still in good shape - you’ll be better off even if you take the bus for the next five years. Audi is the car for people with the bucks to indulge themselves or the person who has the in-depth knowledge and resources to work on it.

I’ve owned Audi A4s and they are great. So is the A8. The A6, however, is a loser and my independent Audi mechanic does not recommend them. If you want reliability, go with an Acura. If you really want an Audi get an A4 (manual transmission) or an A8. Neither the Audi or Acura come close to BMW though.


Nope, not a Crosstour, that’s based on the US Accord. This one’s a real wagon, much better looking: