Acura TL vs. TSX

I’m looking into getting an Acura TL (probably Type-S) or TSX from '07 or '08. I really like the extra power and performance capabilities of the TL and its superfluous luxury accessories, but the TSX appears to get better performance and reliability ratings in every category than the TL, and a very reliable car is very important to me. So, even though the TL may have lower ratings than the TSX, does it still have the overall reliability characteristics that Honda is so well known for? Or should I stick with the TSX?

I don’t know much about Acura’s but they are generally reliable cars. IMO life is a bit too short to drive something you don’t like much. If you can afford the one you like, then find a well maintained one and have it checked out and then buy it. What if you bought the TSX and that particular one ended up being prone to trouble, then you really are stuck with a loose/loose situation.

Buy the car you prefer. The difference in reliability is very little.

Basically the TL is the American bloated US only Accord in a nice package.

The TSX is the European/Japan version of the Honda Accord (eg smaller not bloated and much better handling).

TL is a larger car with a cushier, more “luxury” feel.

TSX is a smaller car with a sportier ride. The kinds of people who write car reviews generally prefer driving this type of car. You may or may not agree. Test drive both–they are both fantastic cars and equally reliable in real life terms.

as far as performance, it depends on what category you’re talking about. Handling, the TSX will win, but only slightly, and if the TL has better tires the tables will be turned. Acceleration, the TSX is left in the dust by the base TL, much less the Type-S.

The interior is more luxurious and with more luxury comes more chances for something to break. I’ve found mine to be generally reliable. The most annoying problem has been the subwoofer. It’s poorly designed and rattles slightly even after the dealer tried to fix it twice. There’s a better fix than Acura offers - I just haven’t gotten around to doing it yet.

I’m happy with mine and don’t regret buying it at all, though if I had it to do again I’d get the Type-S. More fun, better brakes, and an even quieter interior thanks to the active noise canceling.

Test drive an Infiniti G35. You may decide you like it more than the Acuras.

What would you estimate the life span of a well maintained TL to be? My family had an '89 Honda Accord that lasted until 264,000 miles, and we had to get rid of it because the chasis itself was finally rusting out, but its performance was still great with its clutch being replaced only once.

I have no doubt the car itself will last north of a quarter million miles just like any well-maintained Honda. I wouldn’t be so sure about some of the fancier electronics, like the navigation computer and the hands-free cell phone link - - computers tend to dislike being in cars. The changing temperatures and vibration tend to wear them out prematurely, so I wouldn’t be shocked if my nav system only lasts 150,000 or so miles. And of course you’ll be replacing the factory leather somewhere in there (I figure mine will last another 8 years or so if I take care of it). Of course it all depends on how you define well-maintained, and what sort of conditions you drive it in. For what it’s worth, I don’t think you’ll see chassis rust as quickly on this car as you did on the 89. Cars are much better now from the rust perspective than they were 20 years ago.

the 07 and 08 replaced the original TL transmission with the one out of the RL. It’s a much stronger transmission and hasn’t shown any of the issues earlier models did. The powertrain is therefore solid. If you get a base model, you might have to replace the brake pads fairly early - there’s a known issue with them transferring some friction material to the rotor, which then heats up and makes the brakes feel warped if you brake long enough. It’s not a safety issue, just annoying. I replaced mine with Porterfields anyway for the greater stopping power.

TL is a larger car with a cushier, more “luxury” feel.

Cushier, more Luxury feel???

The TL is DEFINITELY has a sportier feel. I LOVED the car when we test drove it a few years ago…Wife settled on the Lexus because it was Cushier and more Luxury feel.

The TL has a softer ride than the TSX. You might be thinking of the RL, which is the luxo-barge of the Acura line.

The Acura TL midsize is being compared to an Acura TSX compact. Not a LEXUS. Hooked on Phonics works for me!!!

I know…it’s all relative…I’m just amazed that it was considered as Cushy…It’s a GREAT car…and it was MY first choice of all the cars we looked at…but wife chose the Lexus…because of it’s Cushy ride…

Mike! Where ya been? It’s nice to see you back.