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2010-2011 Acura TSX vs. Volkswagen CC

I’m just at an end of looking for another car and I’m deadlocked in my head. Most of what I read says the Acura TSX is a slightly better car, slightly more reliable. My mechanic says the Acura is better, but that Acura parts are more expensive than Volkswagen parts. As far as features, they both have all I want, though I have to go to the Lux or Luxury version in the CC to get what’s in a basic Acura. Gas mileage is similar, room is similar interior-wise. I feel the CC rides better than the Acura, as the Acura seems to have a tighter suspension. But I like the interior dash of the CC better and it is a more stylish car in my view. I have always been pretty sensible in my car buying, and I selling a 2011 Hyundai Elantra myself (that’s another post). I’d say this is the first car in nearly 15 years that I actually am going to buy because I want the car. Common sense-wise, it seems the Acura would be the better choice, but Acura styling is no longer anything to write home about. Anything else in the period has been bought due to budget constraints, etc. Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts or insights. Any input would be welcome.

Flip a coin?

Hate to flip a coin over that big a purchase :slight_smile:

If you are interested in keeping the car for the long term, the Acura will be the more reliable one, with lower repair costs than the Volkswagen.

I can’t comment on the CC, but I’ve owned a TSX for almost 4 years. It is a great car. I haven’t had a single problem with it.

Edmunds has a True Cost to Own feature. It says that owners should expect to pay about $700 more over 5 years for a 2010 CC vs. a 2010 TSX. Almost all of that is maintenance. To me, the cost difference is minimal, and I would just go with the car you like best. Since these are used cars, makes sue that they are in terrific shape and are low mileage. You could find a 2010 with 20,000 miles or less.

I’d go with Acura. VW hasn’t yet proved they have improved reliability.

I’ve had two trouble free Acuras and no question that’s what I’d go with.

Acura. I agree with you about the styling, but it’s just the better car.

I have always felt that you shouldn’t buy anything that you cannot spell correctly, and that includes Volkswagens.


Ahhh, VCDdriver, you caught me LOL :slight_smile:

jtsanders, thanks for the Cost to Own info from Edmunds. I guess the general consensus is that the Acura is more reliable and will cost less to maintain. I’ll have to decide if the styling make it’s worth about $140/year more to maintain it and a little less reliability. I use Consumer Reports a lot, and they are very similar in the reviews, with the Acura TSX getting an overall score of 84 and the CC an 81, but both are recommended. I was looking at a Lexus IS 250, but I decided that the ride was simply too rough and the car had too little room interior and trunk-wise. It was rated 84 too and is considered very reliable, though you will pay more for the Lexus than the Acura, and you will pay more for the Acura than you will the CC. I suppose it all balances out with the used costs of the cars reflecting the reliability and quality levels.

Yeah its German. Volks for peoples or folks, and the german spelling of wagon. So as Hitler specified, it was a peoples car.

Probably no one will see this, but I decided the Acura was the car to buy, but in my last test drive I couldn’t see the screen with all the information in the dash with the sun at all! I then read on Consumer Reports that this is a major complaint. And I had a salesperson he had a woman trade in an Acura SUV for that reason, saying that she couldn’t even see her navigation screen in the daytime and just listened to the voice but got tired of it. Pretty sad that one thing like that will keep you from buying a vehicle, but it’s my reason. I figured if it bothered me on a test drive, it would drive me completely nuts if I drove it full-time.

Go for the Acura!

Acura tends to hold its value better than VW.

I would if I could see the screen on the dash! Seriously, Consumer Reports said it was a big complaint, but I didn’t even think about it until I test drove it. So do I really want to buy a car where when I look over for the temp, radio station, gas left, etc., and can’t even see the screen in the daytime??? Again, I like the car very much, but if something bugs you when you do a test drive, I feel pretty certain it would drive me nuts on a long-term basis. And, again, the Acura was my final choice. Based on my expectations, this problem would make me very unhappy driving it on a daily basis. It’s very frustrating to me, I had analyzed things to death, and the Acura was at a really good price for a 3 year old car. But I know me, I like to check the screen for all that info while I’m driving. To not be able to see it would be infuriating.

That’s is what test drives are for. Esp with a purchase that big, I would definitely want most of the day to day stuff to fit me just fine. I have overlooked certain stuff when buying cars, sometimes I was getting a deal and didn’t mind it, other times, I felt I paid too much to put up with annoying shortcomings.

You should look at some other cars. I have had a lot of vw’s and I stopped buying them because of the problems. Also, I wouldn’t touch a used VW.

I don’t know if they sell anti-glare filters you can cut and paste on screens or not, but if you can buy them, why not try one out on a test drive.

Agree with @VDCDriver if you aim for long term ownership, go with the Acura. Acura parts cost more but will likely last much longer than any VW parts. My neighbor’s wife has one ot those Acuras and absolutely loves it. It never gives any trpouble and as a medical professional she has something she can absolutely rely on.