Acura - 2nd gen TSX & 4th gen TL?

What do you guys think of the 2nd generation Acura TSX (2008-2014) and the 4th generation TL (2009-2014)? I’m looking at buying a used luxury car if I can sell my Civic, and I tend to like the styling of cars from around 2015 a lot more than I like current styling. I’ve given a quick look to Lexus, Infiniti, Audi, and Acura, and the looks of the Acuras keep bringing me back.

my son has a 2008 TSX. its very common in that gen. for the clock spring to go bad. other than that it would be the normal stuff of every other vehicle. you should check out the acurazine forum

Used luxury vehicles have luxury high prices for repair . I can’t understand wanting to sell a vehicle with full warranty that you just bought for a used vehicle that might have problems . You need a dependable vehicle for your Uber driving and if you have not had customer complaints this idea makes no sense .

VOLVO, yeah, I’m still thinking everything over. I’m considering keeping the Civic as my work vehicle and just driving it until the wheels fall off. Meaning, give up on caring about the equity because I’ll be earning with it. Edit: and yeah my only work-related complaint with the Civic is my butt gets pretty sore after 8 hours of driving (customers actually tell me pretty regularly that they’re surprised at how roomy it is in back). So I guess I should research something to solve that, like cushions or custom seat or whatever.

The warranty will expire in less than a year, then it becomes just another used vehicle.

This is your Uber car? I think I’d go for a well optioned midsize like a Camry, Accord, Optima, or Malibu. The last two will likely be a lot less expensive to buy than the first two. I’ve been in a Malibu of that vintage and it was comfortable and quiet.

Equity ? There will not be equity in a standard transportation vehicle . It is not a home or land that can increase more than the loan value.

As for your idea of having 2 vehicles then both will need the extra insurance coverage for being work vehicles .

We had a 2008 and a 2012 TL and they were just fine. Traded at 60 and 70K. Like anything else I made sure to change trans fluid at 30K and other maintenance items. The transmissions are generally weak so they tell me but I had no problem.