Accessing the fuel lines thru floor panel for 1998 Grand Voyager

Is the a way to access the fuel lines on top of the gas tank on a 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager thru a panel in the floor?

I Don’t Think So, But So What ? Have You Gotten Underneath There And Taken A Look ?

I believe that when Chrysler technicians performed recalls on thousands of this particular era of Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler mimivans, they didn’t have a problem with accessing the top of the tank.

The recall involved replacing the fuel pump module-to-tank 0-ring. To my knowledge most technicians were able to loosen the tank straps enough to tip the tank and remove the module without even dropping the tank completely out of there.

Even without loosening anything one has room to get their hands up there on the fuel lines.
I’d let the tank run down to close to being empty if I needed to lower it a bit for working on top.

There’s almost enough room to crawl under there without jacking the vehicle. I’ll bet you could drive onto four pieces (one a each wheel) of 2"x10" or 2"x12" lumber that is flat on the ground, chock the tires, and it would give you plenty of safe working room.

Take a look. Good luck,

You said to let the tank empty out before trying to work on car. That will be a problem since my car leaks gas when it is running. That was why I wanted to access the tank from the top. I was hoping I could syphon out most of the gas to work on it. Any other suggestions from anybody?

Did You Have A Look, Yet ? As I Said, You Should Be Able To Touch The Top Of The Tank And Lines And Probably See Up There With A Mirror And Flashlight Without Doing Anything. I’ve Done This.

Compared with most vehicle gas tanks this one is one of the more accessible ones (except the ones with the access panel above).

As long as you don’t unscrew the tank straps completely then you can probably tip the tank a little by loosening them.

Look up there and see what’s leaking. Use caution. Don’t forget. That’s gasoline !

The short answer is no. There is no access panel in the floor of this vehicle for the sending unit. This is one of the easiest vehicles on the road to remove the fuel tank from, so even if you have to remove it completely, the job shouldn’t be that difficult. There is lots of room and everything is easy to get to on this vehicle.

You should be able to siphon out the gas if you use a small enough hose…Usually, you can work a 1/4 inch clear vinyl tube down into the tank…Or, at the fuel filter, open the line and jump the fuel pump relay to activate the fuel pump and empty the tank that way.

I’m more familiar with Chevy’s where they provide a means to drive the fuel pump “manually”. If I wanted to drain off most of the fuel without burning it, I’d depressurize the fuel rail, disconnect the line and put it into a gas can, plug up the top a bit because it’s going to come out with some force, remove fuel pump relay and jumper contacts, turn key to on and wait for can to fill up. Lather, rinse, repeat until tank mostly empty.

bilrpip11 wrote:

You said to let the tank empty out before trying to work on car.
That will be a problem since my car leaks gas when it is running.

When I’ve seen this happen on several Voyagers/Caravans of that vintage, it was the fuel filter line that was leaking. The fuel filter comes with a 3-4 foot rigid hose. The end of that hose often begins to split - and leak gas when running.