AC in Cadillac Eldorado quits after 1.5 hour

AC turns off after 1.5 hours of driving - still problem after orifice tube replaced, cycling switch replaced, and possible loose connection fixed. What to do next ??

More info.: June 2006: A/c compressor, replaced and recharged. worked but not cooling enough. 8/08 Restriction in orifice tube - replaced tube and accumulator and recharged AC.

8/08 - blowing cold but suiddenly AC turns off after 1.5 hours driving. Dash reads "A/C compressor off/very low refrigerant.

8/08 Auto shop says freon full but bad “low pressure sensor” - sensor bypassed.

Approx. 1.5 hours of driving later same problem with AC turning off.

8/22/08 Cadillac dealer replaces “cycling switch”. Worked fine for short trips but again on longer drive after about 1.5 hours turns off.

9/5/08 A possible loose connection corrected by machanic. Computer reset - but on 10/25/08 while driving after 1.5 hours AC shuts off.

What to do ??

Cadillac is a car where non-AC issues can prevent the AC from working. Does your car have the on-board diagnostics? Get a chart and follow the trouble shooting path.

Have you ever stopped and looked under the hood just when the AC stops?