2002 Seville sls

Another Air condition problem. My seville has 67000 miles on it. The AC works great driving around town but abour 2 years ago when I went on the hwy at 70 mph to 75 mph the AC would quit for about 30 seconds and then come back on. Every 10 or 15 minutes it would repeat this action. If I slowed down to 60 mph it would operate fine. I can’t find a dealer or AC mech that can tell me whats wrong. I bought the car new and it didn’t do this the 1st 7 years.

I need your help. Thanks.


If the air vent doors are operated by vacuum air then it may be a good idea to check and see if there is a small vacuum leak somewhere. The doors may change position when there isn’t enough vacuum air to run them.

Am I reading your post correctly? You’re asking about a problem you had two years ago. Is that correct? Have you had the same problem recently?

Please define “AC quit for about 30 seconds . . .” What does that mean? Did the fan continue to work? How do you know the AC wasn’t working for 30 seconds? What, exactly, stopped working?

You need to give us more information. Provide as much detail as possible. Please.

The problem started 2 years ago and has continued since then. The compressor stops working and warm air comes out of the vents. The fan continued blowing. Then after 15 to 30 seconds it starts blowing cold again. I know that there is a awitch to cut the compressor off when the enginge is under strain and cut it back on when the extra power is not needed but this is on level roads on Cruise control.