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Cadillac Air Conditioning

Need a solution to a problem. I’ve had 2 Cadillacs, a 1990 Sedan DeVille, and now, a 1999 SUV Escalade.

In both, after about 7-8 years of age, an a/c problem. After driving about 40 minutes at higher speeds, say 60+, the air flow virtually stops. You can still hear the system “working” but nothing coming out. Can’t tell if it’s the compressor or the fan. It seems like the fan isn’t blowing; you feel nothing at the vent. If I stop the car or turn off the a/c for a few minutes then restart, it works fine for a while, then the problem repeats itself.

Again, this has happened on both vehicles. It’s hard for a mechanic to diagnose since they can’t experience it without driving my car(s) on the interstate for 40+ minutes.

Any thoughts on what’s going on. Seems like some defective sensor.

Anyway, would love to hear a solution.

Classic symptoms of evaporator icing. Have high and low pressure readings been taken? Low refrigerant charge is one of the causes, as are restricted air flow or faulty sensors.