1987 honda civic--no heat

The fan was working intermittently. For example, the fan wouldn’t blow heat, but then when someone would open and close the trunk it would start up again. Today there was no heat or fan and it’s freezing outside! What might be wrong?

Sounds like bad connection on the fan. Reasoning is if the trunk is shut hard, causing the whole car to kink of “bump” making a better connection for a little while.

Or, bad bearings that are frozen up until the are tapped. Try that next time. The blower motor is under the passenger side dashboard. Next time it doesn’t work, try kicking it under the dash. You may just need to replace the motor.

Thanks to both for your answers. I was wondering if it might be an electrical shortage, however, the second reply seems interesting seeing as every time I start the car, there is a squeaking sound (like rubber against something) under the dash on the passenger side. I will try kicking it. I think I may need a new blower motor. Do you know what this usually costs if I take the car in for the labor?

Same symptoms on my 99 Civic — I put in a new aftermarket motor, about $100, but it had an annoying humming sound and I returned it. Ended up getting a used Honda motor for $35.

The labor, I’d guess, is 1 - 1.5 hours. Maybe $60-90, more or less.