A/C Drainage Tube on 2010 Toyota Camry

Can anyone tell me where the drainage tube for the A/C is on a 2010 Camry. The passenger side floor is soaked and I suspect the A/C drainage tube is clogged. I cannot see it on the top of the firewall while looking in from the top of the engine. If I had a better idea of where it is I could jack up the car a little to get a better look. Thanks.

On a Camry from a friend of mine we unclogged recently, it was located where the firewall and transmission tunnel meet. It could also be that the hose fell off and it is draining right onto the passenger side floor. You may want to peek into that area as well.

I have the same model. It’s located just a bit north of the glove box.

Umm… Is North forward, driver side , passanger side rearward or below?

Sorry. North - toward engine. It’s “under” the glove box, but a bit further toward the engine. It’s really easy to spot from underneath.

If you’re sitting in the passenger seat, stretch your legs out. Your left foot is now about on top of where the tube enters the car. From there it goes left about 6 inches and then up a few inches where it attachs to the evap box. From underneath, it’ll be on the passenger side of the firewall, about a foot in from the pass side, and about where the firewall curves where it meets the floor pan. So, lift up the carpet on the pass front floor, find where the black hose exits, pull it out of the grommet, stick a flashlight near the grommet hole, and then look underneath the car. Then you will have an idea where the drain exits in relation to everyrhing. But! Beware! When you pull the hose out of the grommet, you could clear the clog, usually spider best/webs, and you’ll dump 64 ounces of water onto the floor. If I were you, I’d find thd hose under the carpet and then squeeze or massage the tube the whole way. That will probably be enough to break up the webs and the resulting rush of water will flush out the rest. Also, be sure it’s connected to the evap box. Some people live to stretch out their legs in the Rf seat and disconnect it. Cheers

This is bigbass reporting that I found the location of the A/C drain hose on my 2010 Toyota Camry. The hose is located in the center of the car where you would normally find the transmission tunnel. The hose sticks out about 1 inch, and is only accessible under the car unless you want to lift up the passenger carpet. Thanks for everyone’s input. Bigbass…