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Water on floor

My wife’s 2006 dodge stratus is having water pooling in the back passanger side floor. The front passanger side floor is also wet and I think the water is coming from the condensation from the A/C. I have looked for where the build up would drain out, but I have been unable to locate it. I’m assuming that it would have to be on the cabin side of the fire wall for it to be coming into the passenger compartment. Where would the drain hose be located so that I can clear the path?

It’s probably pretty crowded along the firewall. It might be impossible to see from up top. It may require a lift to find it. It should be on the passenger side somewhere below the heater core/evaporator. They pretty much package them in a compact manner. Basically you can (more or less) figure where it is by the lowest point in your plenum on the interior. It may drain to where the cowl air intake is. It has to be able to drain rain water.

Generally drains are under the car on the passenger side, about where the passenger would put their feet if it was not so wet.