2002 Lancer water noise in fan

I have a 2002 Mitsu Lancer that seems to pour water in the passenger footwell. I can hear the water sloshing about around a turn, and when the fan is on, i can hear what sounds like water hitting a fan. After that, some water pours out. I can’t figure out where the water pours out of yet, but its near the blower fan. Whats the best course of action?

You have a clogged AC drain. The condensation from the AC evaporator is supposed to drain out through a little hose the exits under the car, when it’s clogged the water collects and overflows into the car. When you find the hose under the car, clear it out with something that won’t damage the AC evaporator, like a length of weed-wacker line.

Is this something I can find and do myself? Where should I look for this hose? Can I use canned air to blow it out?

Under the car hood, look for a silver-colored cylinder shaped object on the firewall. This is the A/C receiver-drier, and the A/C drain should be located very close to this. It should look like a very short length of solid tubing sticking out from the firewall, possibly angling down towards the ground.

Canned air isn’t likely to blow it out. A piece of a wireframe coat hanger can do the trick if weedwacker line isn’t firm enough to dislodge whatever’s clogging the drain.