Recently had both front CV axles replaced.

Since then, ny ABS light on dashboard stays on.

Mechanic says ABS is still functional.

Correct - or snow job?

Not knowing the year, make, and model I can only guess at an answer. The ABS Exciter ring (looks like a toothed gear) was on the CV axles for my 98 Windstar. When the ring popped loose on the right axle it was cheaper to replace the entire axle with a rebuilt one (labor wise). Perhaps the mechanic installed non-ABS CVs, get under the car and check the axles for an exciter ring. It’s possible the ABS sensor on one or both sides was disconnected during the repair. You could disconnect the battery for an hour or so to reset the engine and ABS computers, if the ABS light comes back on then you probably have a problem.

Ed B.

You may have misheard or misunderstood your mechanic. Your normal non-ABS brakes are fully functional but your ABS is temporarily disabled. Your car is safe to drive as-is but there is a problem with the ABS which will remain until someone can diagnose it properly and make repairs. The mechanic who did the CV axles should be responsible. In fact, he KNOWS this is so.

My dad had this happen on his Ford Escape, I believe. He paid for the original repairs and then wound up paying for the replacement rotor as well because the mechanic installed non-ABS CVs. Good luck - I hope it’s a cheap fix like Ed suggested!

Snow job. If the light is on, the Anti-lock function is disabled. The brakes will work, but they are no longer anti-lock. My guess is they damaged a wheel speed sensor during the axle replacement.