ABS Light on after Pathfinder came back from shop

Maybe just a coincidence but my 99 Nissan Pathfinder came back from the mechanic shop with the ABS light on. Not on before.

They were replacing the cv axel shafts which seems to be in a different place?

Apparently there is sufficient oil for the ABs line.

Hopefully as the mechanics said it is something that can be just cleaned.

Anyone had this experience?

Thanks beforehand!

Yes, I do. They might have stretch the ABS sensor cable toooooooo much resulting in the cable breakage from inside which is not apparent from outside. If that is the case you have to replace the sensor.

Could this happen did you say when they replaced the cv axel shafts? Did not know they could affect the other.
Does anyone know how much the sensor would be. Would the hand held diagnostic computer be able to point to a general area?

Yes, you can diagnose the problem. I took my car to my mechanic and he diagnosed it for me and I replaced the sensor by myself. I spent $210 to get it from the toyota dealer. When they remove the excel shaft they have to remove the nut bolts of the strut, ball joint or may be loosen up the tie rod end that are attached and holding the hub in place. The sensor is placed in the hub body and one has to take care of the sensor wire not to be stretched.

Thank you all,
You know a lot more about this than I do to replace it yourself. Question for me is to get them to admit to doing something faulty and then who will pay for the replacement part.
Does the entire sensor has to be replaced if the sensor wire was stretched/damaged?

Yes, the whole thing has to be replaced as it serves as one unit. Take the car to the mechanic shop and have them replaced it and you shouldn’t be paying the replacement charges to them either. In Camry the rear was for $210. I don’t know if the front are more expensive as they have a metal frame to it to install inside the body, atleast in Camry. Goodluck.