Hub Assembly Replacement Causes ABS problem?



Recently I had my 4wd 2001 Chevy Blazer in for a wheel hub assembly replacement. When I got it back from the mechanic he told me the abs light would be on and stay on because when the bearing went out it ruined the abs sensor. He also told me my front brakes needed replaced. I noticed right away my brakes were now spongey and made that abs stuttering when ever I used the brakes at all. I went ahead and had a friend put on new pads and rotors and it did not fix the problem.


The mechanic’s explanation seems a little odd since the ABS Sensor is built into the hub assembly on my 2000 Blazer 4wd. Both front wheel bearings went bad at 60k miles and the front hub assemblies were replaced. The truck has 111k miles with no further bearing or brake problems. Reman hub assemblies for my Blazer were expensive at $350 apiece because of the built-in ABS sensor, OEM would have been considerably more.

Did the mechanic replace just the bearing or the entire hub assembly? Is the ABS light on? Can you check the hub assembly for the ABS sensor?

Ed B.


after calling the parts store that he got the assembly from, yes the sensor is included in the assembly. He did replace the asssembly. Yes the ABS light is still on and pulling the ABS fuse dose stop the stuttering but the brake pedal remains spongey and harder to stop.

could this be air asist leak problem or somehow air in the brake lines?


I guess you can make a point taking it back to a dealer after this. Looks like it’s still going to cost you considerably more.


the ABS light came on after he worked on it. Before, it drove fine besides the annoying noise from the bearing.

the engine light did throw the code for secondary air intake but other than that nothing else read out on a code scan either.


I just had the front wheel hub assemblies for both front wheels replaced on my 2004 GMC 4x4 Sierra pkup without any problems after replacement.

Initial problem was ABS was grabbing,chattering. Your replacement price is in the ball park.

I’d take it back